13 Years with The Jackson’s Young Eagles

This is why we fly Young Eagles and host annual Fly-Ins…

Below are the pics of the Young Eagle’s ride Marty Parrish gave to Olivia Jackson, and Dick Keyt gave to Matthew Biggerstaff.  Also attached are a couple of pics from the Spring 2005 Fly-in from your EAA 983 web site gallery . . . they are of my daughters, Amelia and Olivia Jackson.

Spring 2005 Fly-In Youth

Amelia graduated valedictorian of her 2016 Mansfield Legacy HS class, and will graduate from UT Arlington with her BS in Mechanical Engineering in May 2019.

Amelia and Olivia at 2005 Fly-In

She has accepted an offer from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Ft. Worth, and will start there in June 2019 (first of the 3rd generation of LM Aero employees in the Jackson family). http://www.uta.edu/utamagazine/fall-2016/campus-buzz/youtube.php

Olivia is currently 3rd in her 2019 Mansfield Legacy HS class, and has already started taking courses for her Mechanical Engineering degree plan.  She too will attend UT Arlington, and wants to work at LM Aero. Liv wants to get her pilot license after graduating college.

Matthew Biggerstaff has been dating my first daughter, Amelia for the past 2 years (they are looking pretty serious).  Matt was the 2016 Mansfield HS valedictorian, will graduate from UT Arlington with his BS in Civil Engineering in May 2019. After graduation, he plans to complete his pre-requisites for med school, then apply for med school as he wants to be an ER surgeon.  Matt too wants to get his pilot license, but likely after med school and residency.

Amelia at UTA

Liv and Matt are still talking about their great flights.  Many thanks from our entire family for the wonderful time we all had at the fly-in.  EAA 983 is outstanding!

David Jackson


Matt Biggerstaff in the Ryan

Olivia 2018 YE with Marty Parrish