Cleburne Fly-In Report

Our chapter had a big presence at the annual Cleburne Regional Airport Fly-In on Saturday.  Tom Woodward organized both a Poker Run and a Spot Landing contest.  The Ripps family cleaned up with Susan taking first place in the Poker Run and Robert taking second place in the Spot Landing at 4 feet.  A DC-3 took 3rd place at 30 feet!  First place was nailed early in the day by our own Sid Tucker who put her down 12 inches from the line!  I think Sid’s result discouraged several of us from even trying for fear of really embarrassing ourselves.  I’ll admit to giving it a shot.  Thankfully, Tom did not report my result over the radio.

Karen Woodward reports we flew 37 Young Eagles – which was also about the temperature when we were setting up!  We had 8 pilots and 5 people including Tom and Deanna Thibault helping with the paperwork and transportation back and forth to the airplanes.  We now have 3 pilots who have flown 10 or more Young Eagles this year.  Kliff Black and Tom Harris have flown 10 each, and Sid Tucker has flown 11.  And we have 4 more pilots who are pretty close  to the 10 mark.

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