Christmas Party Recap

It was a fun-filled celebration with great people, delicious food, and enjoyable music and dancing.  Jon Thomas and his crew took very good care of our party of over 120 members and guests.  The arrangements, food, and service were all top notch.  A big thank you to Claudia Sutter, Konnie Sasser, and Bonnie Newton for organizing and hosting yet another near perfect event.

Dick Keyt reviewed our accomplishments for 2018, and there were many!

  • We (Chapter 983) are now proud partner/owners of our own hangar with a plan in place to make the Chapter the sole owner over the next decade or two
  • 86 Young Eagles flown this year
  • Hangar Parties – An old Pecan Airpark tradition coming back
  • Oshkosh Pancake Breakfast organized by Dave Smith and staffed by 23 members
  • Rotating Pancake Griddle constructed, already put to good use, and plans formulated to give it a good workout in the coming months
  • Glider Project Donations Accepted/Collected – what to do with these?
  • GPS Approach – We finally have it, thanks to leadership from our own Joe Sasser
  • Our Annual Fly-In and Car Show with extra effort fund-raisers organized by John and Suzzette McComas, and Wanda Greene
  • Planeview Park – After many years of effort and supported by generous donations from our members, it’s finally getting done!
  • Chapter MVP – Dave Smith worked tirelessly (with more than a little help from Rhonda) to help make this year a tremendous success.  Thank you, Dave.

Watch for our Year-in-Review background slide-show and presentation slides to be posted in our website Gallery soon.  And if you have any photos you would like us to add to the mix, please let us know.  Here are a couple of photos to get things started.  Wendy Moore was busy snapping, and we’ll get her photos posted asap.

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