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Uses the Content Views plugin to generate a “view” shortcode to, for example, select posts in a Category.

COMPARE this with the way things look under the Publications menu.  This seems more pleasing to the eye, but it forces the user to click another link to read more.  The approach under Publications can be used to let the user read the entire post without another click (provided the Post includes the <more> tag at the bottom of the page).

Christmas Dinner Survey and Opinions

PLEASE RESPOND by either email to, or by commenting on this website, or by calling Kliff Black at 469.585.4772 ...
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Building Update – 13 April 2017

Fellow EAA 983 members, We would like to give you the latest update on the Sam Butler Building Proposal. Sam ...
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Chapter Meeting 8 April 2017

Meeting was held at Mark Finkelstein’s hangar and began at 10 am Tyler Rau who is our EAA Air Academy ...
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Permanent Chapter Home

Sam Butler has proposed a “Private Hangar” partnership with our EAA Chapter 983, and the membership has responded to a survey which ...
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Chapter Meeting 14 Jan 2017

Meeting called at 1000 Guests were Drew White, Mike Powers and Steve Horton(?) Many thanks to Claudia Sutter, Konnie Sasser ...
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New Website – PLEASE READ

This "Post" is a place where EAA 983 Chapter Members can help ensure we publish a new website that we ...
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