Monthly Meeting Minutes – October 2022

Lighter Turnout with Many Things Going On – 60 in attendance and 45 breakfasts were sold.  This weekend Pecan Plantation EMS was having their pancake breakfast and Antique Fly In at Gainsville.

Call to Order – Dick Keyt called the meeting to order.  Dick noted the outstanding efforts of the Breakfast Crew who once again were all ready for the first customers.  Carl Keil introduced Omri Kazinsky, a 3000 hour glider pilot, who came down to try out the reverse tow system at Chigger.  He flies a Ventus 2CS similar to Carl’s.

Project Reports

  • Carl Keil – Described all the improvements being made to his Super Cub.  A 180 HP motor, engine monitor, bigger tires, and new 82″ Sensenich ground adjustable prop.  He is close to flying and putting 10 hours of high-power time on the engine to seat the rings.
  • Doug Greene – Working on second DR107.  He is working fiberglass for canopy fairing
  • Kevin O’Neill – Has started an RV-10 Empennage kit under the tutelage of Don McDonald.
  • Dick Keyt – Discussed a variety of Reno related activities he was involved in.  Helping a fellow Lancair Legacy owner with a fuel injection issue.  The guy was very competitive but ended up aborting the Sport Class Gold race due to a loose exhaust hanger.  He noted the sole insurer of the race participants may not survive the latest fatal accident.

Safety Minute – In lieu of an actual safety discussion Tom Woodward offered some words of advice for insurance policies.  Be careful how you describe your flying habits.  He was attempting to renew policy on his Falco and ended up getting cancelled by Scott “Sky” Smith.  See Tom for details.

Dick described a pitch trim failure that occurred on the Bonanza during Young Eagles flight at Fall Fly In.  Depending on whether he was taking off or full flaps on landing he had to hold 25-30 pounds of force on the yoke to maintain level flight.  He discussed what an arduous task it was to unravel and repair the broken trim cable.

EAA Advance Air Academy – Jake Seaman presented the experience he and Austin Jenkins enjoyed at the Air Academy.  Austin was unable to attend the Saturday meeting but contributed to the presentation.  They enjoyed a Beyond the Borders tour of the EAA Museum and workshop.  They experienced a helicopter tour of the Oshkosh grounds, Redbird Simulator session, and watched the air show from the performers tent.  Jake figured out he had more flight time (approximately 400) than all the camp counselors.  Jake was highly appreciative of EAA 983 chapter sponsorship of his trip.  Jake is planning to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State aviation program.  He soloed a Piper Tomahawk on his 16th birthday at Bourland Field.  He is an impressive young man!

Christmas Party – Claudia Sutter, fashioning a Santa hat, stated that the committee has set the Christmas Party for December 8th at the clubhouse.  The chef has recommended that a plated meal be served instead of a buffet for a better-quality meal.  This will necessitate assigned seating.  Invitations will be going out soon.

Featured Speaker – Following a short break, John Bowen presented his experiences flying the U-2.  John is a graduate of the USAF Academy and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He spent over 28 years in the USAF flying the KC-135, U-2, and TR-1.  He retired from American Airlines as a Captain in 2019.  Most recently John has been enthusiastically leading the Young Eagles efforts for our chapter.   John walked through a complete mission in the U-2.  He also noted that the U-2 counted as tailwheel logged.

Suited up for a mission



In the cockpit                         





Final Flight!


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