Tacos and Takeoffs

from Mark Zimmermann on 22 Oct

“The annual aircraft rollout fundraising event was a huge success. It is amazing to see the community come together in support of our Eagle’s Nest Projects. The weather may have hindered fuel sales but not the crowd from participating in the various auctions and food sales. I’m sure you all have seen the pictures showing up on social media and out in the press. I think we got some well deserved attention for the students and faculty. We have been showered greatly with our neighbors’ gifts. There is no way this could have happened without each and everyone of your willingness to help. That said I’d like to thank you all for sharing your skills and talents to pull off an event like this.

Now it’s time to get back to work on #2 where progress is coming along nicely. Make sure the students sign off their work line items as we are soon getting into an “all hands on deck” wing building. Our stabilator crew has finished a major subassembly! Good show guys! They now progress to the aft bulkhead where all that tail magic happens. The main spars will soon complete and be ready for wing ribs. Tom and Bonnie have a crew that are diligently at work deburring and readying nose and trailing ribs. As we have those “unemployed”, please give our wing rib crew a hand. We soon will need to rearrange tables and set up sawhorses to accommodate wing structures; left and right. Our trailing and sub spars also are seeing good progress. It won’t be very long until we shall see some major subassembly work come together.

Safety is paramount! With two wings laid out in our limited shop space, room to walk around gets pretty tight. Please be cautious and promote this attitude of safety into the students.

Last but not least, we have new pictures…”
Class of 2017     and      Class of 2018