IMC Club Kick-Off Meeting 22 June

Below is a flyer/invitation to attend the kick-off meeting of the newly-formed IMC Club, under the umbrella of EAA.
The IMC Club used to be an entity all unto itself many years ago.  Its purpose was to promote instrument-flying/training and safety.  I attended those meetings when I was working on my instrument rating and found the presentations VERY helpful and informative.
As you probably are aware, the IMC Club program is now under the EAA national organization and they are encouraging all EAA chapters to form their own IMC Club.  I belong to EAA #34, based in Arlington (KGKY), and we are joining forces with EAA #280, based at Ft. Worth Spinks (KFWS).
The founder of the IMC Club is coming to town to join us for this very first meeting, and make the presentation.  It should be great!
Please note:  you do NOT have to be instrument-rated to attend these meetings.  We just want anyone who is interested in furthering their instrument proficiency to join us.
Hope to see you the evening of June 22 at Arlington Municipal Airport, terminal building.