Project Update from R. E. (Ernie) Butcher


Granbury High School Builder #120994 (EN-17)

We have the Empennage/Tailcone Kit!! Thursday 9/8.

Shop preparation: Mark will need your help setting up the new shop area; air compressor install with outlet for three hoses, organization of general and specialized tools, review of work space and stations, etc. The steel work tables now in place are beautiful but may not provide the most efficient use of the small shop area. Modified EAA work tables may be a better solution.

Tools: … (1) Suggested general tools; Mark has this list and is working with Home Depot. (2) Cleaveland Tools; Mike at Cleaveland has generously offered to provide these tools at his cost and will be shipping this week. (3) Supplement list; Tools sourced from the Yard Store and Harbor Freight – shipping Tuesday from Houston.

Getting Started: Step one is to complete the shop area and organize tools. When the shop is ready; Session-1: mentors introduce students to shop safety and overview of tools. Session-2: using scrap materials, mentors demonstrate the proper use of each tool. Session-3: student hands-on experience using each tool. Session-4: students construct a practice project – kit and instruction provided by ENP. Practice Kits are currently being revised and should be available late next week.

NOTE: I had an opportunity last Thursday to meet the students from both Aerospace classes. First impressions – a truly outstanding group of young adults, eager to learn and focused on excellence. Of concern however are the number of students in each class. There are 19 students in the first period and only 5 in the second period. With the small shop area, this imbalance is going to present some unique challenges during the build and why I mentioned earlier the need to make efficient use of the small shop area.

That’s it for now… Call if you have any questions. Cell: 713-823-9509


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