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Chief Remote Pilot – Job Available

Salary $90,000 to $120,000 per year.

Causey Aviation Unmanned (CAU) is seeking a Part 135 Chief Remote Pilot to lead and support the pilot group operating under Part 135 for sUAS operations. The Causey Aviation Unmanned Chief Remote Pilot will coordinate, monitor and manage training, compliance and currency of pilot personnel set forth by the FAA for both new and currently certificated remote pilots (RPIC) and visual observers (VO).

The Chief Remote Pilot will assist CAU to develop scalable processes for drone delivery operations in accordance with Part 135 regulations.

Qualifications and experience include Commercial Pilot Certificate, 3rd Class Medical, and 3+ years experience in Part 135 or 121 as a PIC. Click for the FULL JOB LISTING on

Wayne Worthington (via Bob Pastusek)

(posted 12/3/23)

Seeking Long-Term Hangar Rental

Pecan Plantation Homeowner/Pilot (CSMEL) seeking long-term rental hangar space for a small single engine aircraft at 0TX1, 66TE, or KGDJ.  I am fully insured, and will be flying regularly.

Jerry Wallis

(posted 11/29/23)

Lycoming IO-360, C-106 Engine


Tug – Power Tow 12 Volt

Set up to tow a 172 but with proper tow arms would tow Bonanza, 55 Baron, Cessna 150-210 & 377, Seneca, Cherokee, Lance, Saratoga, Twin Comanche, Diamond, Mooney, Columbia and more.  It will need a new battery.  Asking $1,200.

Dick Keyt

(posted 6/29/23)

Dual Battery Tray

I built a battery tray for a friends RV10 which will accommodate 2 batteries of various sizes, and 2 solenoids. Since then I built 6 more. Three are already spoken for, but I thought I would offer them up to our own community. They will easily handle 2 Earth X batteries, and my suggestion of batteries for the 10 are Odyssey’s 925 and 625. Both can start my IO540 with 9.5:1 compression. These trays should be able to be used in any experimental where the need for two batteries exists.   (posted 1/17/23)

Don McDonald
Granbury, TX 

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