Successful Young Eagles Event – April 10th

We had a very successful Young Eagles flight program on April 10th. It was a great group of kids, and they were really excited about flying/ getting the aircraft tours/ and flying the sim. We flew 37 kids (28 boys/ 9 girls) during 26 flight sorties. We also flew 2 adults.

Jay May and Bob Moreau gave aircraft, gyrocopter & helicopter tours/ briefings and Charlie Adams entertained the kids with his flight simulator. Bruce & Geneva came all the way down from Aubrey to run the registration desk and they were assisted by Larry Hale & Karen Woodward.  9 pilots flew the kids:
  • Ed Askins
  • Don Christiansen
  • Curt Farley
  • Don McDonald
  • Dave Moore
  • Mike Parrish
  • Bob Pastusek
  • Paul Siedschlag
  • Sid Tucker
At least 2 of the teens expressed interest in joining the Glider group and a 16 year old will attend the next chapter meeting and become a member-he has already started flying lessons.
If we have enough interest in the pilot group, we may consider 1 more Young Eagles Day on Saturday, June 3rd (8-11AM) before we quit for the summer. Let me know what you think…
Also, if you have any suggestions on how we can do things better, please let me know. The feedback I have been getting is definitely helping to refine our program.
Thanks for all your hard work making this such a rewarding program for the kids…

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