Host Wanted: Aviation-Oriented Exchange Student

John Bowen received this request.  Please pass on to others who might be interested in hosting.  Pecan Plantation would be a great place for this kid!

Hi John,
We met last summer when you took two of my exchange students for a ride in your airplane.  They both told me it was one of the highlights of their time in Texas.
I am reaching out now to see if you can help me.  I am working with a student from Spain who wants to do his exchange year at some place where he can continue to work on his flying skills.  He has actually done quite a bit of flying.  I am looking for a host family in the Granbury area who would be willing to take him for the school year.  I know many of the local EAA members are retired but wonder if there is a way to reach out to them to see if they know any families who might be interested in hosting.
I have attached Louis profile.  Your help would be greatly appreciated,
Ross Carnes

Area Coordinator
Greenheart Exchange Organization

“The Greenheart of Cultural Exchange”

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