March 4th Young Eagles Event

from John Bowen, EAA 983 YE Coordinator

We had a great day of flying our Young Eagles on March 4th.  Here’s some stats:

28 kids flown (6 no-shows)/ 23 boys, 5 girls
58% were 1st flights
19 sorties
A big thanks to our pilots:
  • Ed Askins
  • Curt Farley
  • Don McDonald
  • Mike Parrish
  • Bob Pastusek
  • Paul Siedschlag
  • Les Staples
  • Sid Tucker
Another big thanks to our ground registration crew:
  • Larry Hale
  • Kris Jaeckle
  • Bob Moreau
  • Tom Thibault
  • Tom Woodward
  • Karen Woodward
A link to all the pictures is available here
On another note….
Normally, we would plan our next event in 2 months, May 6. However, the EAA national “Flying Start” event is scheduled on May 20th and Tom Woodward is putting this event together to get adults interested in flying and hopefully joining our chapter. I think it will tax our pilot resources to have 2 events within 2 weeks.
As previously mentioned in another message, there is an educational group in Meridian who would like to fly in April, so we may schedule the next Young Eagle event in late April so we can fly again on the May 20th “Flying Start” event. I will get back with you on details later as we find out more…Until then, let me know if you have any feedback on today’s event or ideas for upcoming events.
It’s such a pleasure working with you all, it makes my job so easy. Thanks again for all your efforts.

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