And We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Karen Tucker who turned in the winning hand in the Poker Run today – Queens full of Deuces.  I took a picture to help me remember what a winning hand looks like.  Those five little cards were worth a cool $472.  That’s a lot of beer and pizza.

It turned out to be a great day to go tooling around the area in an airplane.  I had never actually landed at Bourland before.  Now I can claim about 4 landings on just one approach.  We registered 19 airplanes that played a total of 35 hands.  I expect they all had fewer landings than I did.

Even though he refused to hear my protest (my 2 Kings should have trumped any hand holding only a few Queens), I want to offer a big Thank You to Tom Woodward on behalf of the entire Chapter for Pit Bossing us all around.  We also need to thank Bill Eslick, Michele Sonier, Karen Woodward, Jared Latimer, Tom Thibault, and Toby Pechanec for helping out with stuffing envelops, delivering cards, collecting money, and generally doing whatever it took to keep Tom the Pit Boss in line.  Not an easy task.

It felt really good to see a little excitement and buzz going at the field again.  Dick Keyt flew a bunch of folks in the Ryan with AnnElise working the loading, unloading, and chocking.  One of the rides given was to Jonathan Youney who hales from Bluff Dale.  Jonathan is just a couple of years out of high school and eager to become an aviator.  He is especially interested in ultralights.  If anyone can help him out with a bit more info about how to connect with an ultralights group, please let me know and I will put you in touch.

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