Update 14 Jan 2018

from Mark Zimmermann on 14 Jan 2018

This will be our second week into the school year and we are making huge inroads on task completion. Our wings are complete with all tip lighting, landing light installed and stall warning switch adjusted. All continuity checks have been completed and the wings are stored in their cradle. 

The baggage floor is installed on the center bulkhead and has been passed on to our floor pan group who will see the fuselage take shape and find itself upon the landing gear before you know it. 

The vertical is skinned and complete with the exception of a few nutplates that are on order. This crew will assume the rudder construction as their next project. 

We have three projects in various stages of completion: the trim actuator, the roll bar and we have just started on the seat back frames. None of these projects will take us into very many lab sessions. 

A major project that will soon take shape is our fuel tank. This a very critical assembly that will require some weekend volunteers. We will use a product that is common to most aircraft and is known as “Proseal”. This is a two part mixture that has a sticky consistency like chewing gum that gets stuck on the bottom of your shoe but much nastier. When completely cured it takes on a rubbery dry form that seals the seams of fuel tanks. This material also has strong adhesion properties that dampen out vibration. We will use this material to bond our tank together in the very near future. Kevin Ross will be heading up this project so be sure to let him know if you would be available to help him out. You will need to wear work clothes that will likely get this nasty material on them.