Two Build Days Before Thanksgiving Break

from Mark Zimmermann on 12 Nov

Last week we saw our wing crews mount wing ribs to spars and the start of wing skin installation. Side skins were mated to tailcone bulkheads. Our tailcone group also installed the plumbing for the pitot static system and wiring for the electric trim. Electricians labeled wingtip lighting wiring and crimped pins to be inserted into the wing root connectors. They also installed the stall warning switch in the left wing. I’d like to see this wiring installed before we get the wings too far sealed up. All wingtip lighting consists of three wires similarly labeled for each wing. The right wing will house the landing light powered with a uniquely labeled wire. The left wing will need to have a wire cut, labeled and pinned for the stall warning switch. If all mentors are in agreement I’d also like to teach the kids how to tie lacing cord. The wing rib bays could easily handle two ties each. Peter briefed me on the wiring and our electrical crew is quite capable to pull them. (Electricians and plumbers are a weird bunch that tend to get in the way from a structures
team‘s perspective.) 🙂
This week I foresee the tailcone reach completion and that group start construction of the vertical components. In our wing construction I see skinning continue with a vision of focusing toward the complex installation of the wingtip closeout panel, handle, tip bows, and lighting. If any of you would like to pull some hands aside to work on these type of projects feel free to take the initiative. The students are performing like a well oiled machine at this point and have learned to follow the plans very well.  This mentor crew are an awesome group of instructors that are a joy to observe from my perspective. I cannot praise you ladies and gentlemen enough. Thanks for signing off your master and building log sheets.
Last year we had a mid term mentors meeting after we held our classes. I would think this would be a great opportunity again to discuss our strengths and weaknesses…
Please think on any items that you would like to see integrated into our program. This is a good time, while it’s fresh on our minds, to consider next year’s wing and tailcone projects. We all continue in our learning and we want to do higher quality work as we progress into our next year. Let’s all give it some thought.