Enjoy Thanksgiving Week Off

from Mark Zimmerman on 19 Nov

We’re on vacation this week as school is celebrating the week of thanksgiving. Again I want express my thanks for each and everyone who has a hand in our airplane project. In actuality this project is much less about an airplane but more about the interaction with the students in showing the methods of problem solving and following instruction. And, of course, basic sheet metal skills and methods. Their enthusiasm is born and nurtured from each and everyone of your mentoring. Several students mentioned to me that they would have come in on their week off to continue working on the project.

Great news! We have our fuselage kit. The parts have been inventoried and put on the shelves. Our tailcone crews will commence to build the center section carry through on return from the holiday. I can see the possibilities of the wings completing within the next two work weeks. At that time we’ll certainly be starting new assignments requiring more parts preparation and assembly. If anyone has a pet project they would like to oversee feel free to step up and jump in.
I’ll send out another reminder next week of our 08:00 🕗 meeting Monday in Judy’s conference room. This will be a great time to assess where we are now, what we could do better next year, and where we need to go next.