Planeview Park Terminal Concept

The proposed partnership with PPOA did not move forward. The Chapter is pursuing other options including the so-called Sam Butler Proposal.  Below info has been retained for historical reference.

Through the long-range planning committee/governance process, PPOA has included Capital Replacement budget in FY2017 for a major renovation of Planeview Park per the Airport Committee Master Plan. The existing amenity is nearing end-of-life.

Our local EAA Chapter 983 has worked to obtain pledges for from private donors in order to join with PPOA to further enhance Planeview Park. If accepted by PPOA, the donors would provide additional building funds to enclose and air condition part of the new, planned structure to serve as a permanent meeting place for the Chapter and a Terminal function for Airpark residents and visitors (for example, Beech, Grumman, Swift, and WASP fly-ins).

Please refer to the presentation below for more details.

November 2016 Updates

Planeview Park and Terminal Presentation to membership, November 2016:


Letter from Charlie Becker, EAA National Director of Chapters:


An open letter to EAA 983 Members and Airpark Residents:


Archived Updates

The below information has mostly been superceded by more current iterations included above.  The October 2015 proposal update includes an editorial by Dave Moore, a statement from Doug Crumrine (Chapter President), and initial drawings for a multi-use facility we might try to fund and build in Planeview Park.  Additional drawings, survey results, and a revised proposal are also included below.