Eagle’s Nest Project

A number of our EAA Chapter 983 members are mentoring the Eagle’s Nest Project at Granbury High School.  This program affords students a unique, inspiring, and empowering education experience through the beginning-to-end construction of a modern FAA certified Light Sport aircraft (Van’s Aircraft RV-12)) with full glass instrumentation, 2-axis autopilot, and all the latest safety features.  For more information about the Granbury High School program, contact

Mark Kirk, - 817.408.4700 Mark Kirk, - 817.408.4700
Mark is a Math Coach at the Crossland 9th Grade Center, Granbury ISD

Students participating in Eagle’s Nest Projects receive high school course credit. Eagle’s Nest Projects utilize an extensive network of mentors and educators who live our motto, “Mentors build the student… students build the Aircraft”. Every aspect of construction, sheet metal, fiberglass, wiring, and engine controls are completed by the students. Eagle’s Nest Projects also provide students a continuing education incentive. The first completed aircraft is painted in school colors including mascot graphics. It’s then re-located to a new home at a nearby airport where build-students are eligible to receive up to 20-hours free flight instruction in the aircraft they built! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; Eagle’s Nest Projects covers all the bases and with seed money to cover the cost of only the first two aircraft, Eagle’s Nest Projects then becomes a self-sustaining program by selling the second completed aircraft to cover the cost of third and so on into the future.

Eagle’s Nest Projects  Visit the official Eagle’s Nest Projects website for full details.

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Project Update from R. E. (Ernie) Butcher

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