WARNING!  Beware of an online thief who is sending out unsolicited emails offering tools, avionics, etc for sale.  Several members of our Chapter have received these emails.  This thief has stolen money from at least one person we know.

A few things to watch out for:

  • Samuel Jolly – name used on many of the emails with address
  • Other names/emails may be used
  • Sometimes claims to be a builder and has mentioned RV-6 and RV-4, but might say anything
  • Often includes great pictures of the stuff he claims to have for sale
  • Has used Zelle Pay to receive money which cannot be recovered

As a precaution before buying anything on line, carefully research the seller.  For example, the N-numbers mentioned by this guy in at least one of his emails do not track back to him.  That’s big red flag.  Be careful out there!