Young Eagles Event Report

from John Bowen, EAA 983 YE Coordinator

We had a great turnout of pilots, ground registration volunteers and kids today. We flew 27 kids with 6 aircraft. The ratio of pilots & kids made for a smooth operation as there was not any major ‘wait-time’ between flights. We only had 4 no-shows too; which may be a record!! The kids were a very enthusiastic group and we had a number of them say they are going to start flight training and/or join the glider group because of the flight. Many of the home-school parents especially expressed their gratitude that their kids had this great opportunity to fly.

Bob Pastusek & Bob Moreau added a new aspect to our program by giving aviation presentations to the parents & kids at 11 and noon. The presentations included a walk-around of the aircraft & helicopter, explaining aircraft structures, theory of flight and aviation careers. They have volunteered to continue this presentation at our future events as they received much positive feedback from the group. I think this adds a significant new dimension to our Young Eagle program to motivate and inspire future generations. Great work guys…

A special thanks to our pilots: Ed Askins, Dave Moore, Mike Parrish, Paul Siedschlag, Les Staples, and Sid Tucker for their time, talent, and AVGAS!!  And the registration crew kept things flowing smoothly throughout the day thanks to Larry Hale, Bob Pastusek, and Tom Thibault.

The on-line system worked flawlessly this time…finally and all the flights and signatures were logged electronically. Our next flights will be scheduled for Saturday, March 4th, 10 till 1. Mark it on your calendars.

One last item, please let any 16-18 year old aviation enthusiasts about our EAA Academy Scholarship.  Applications are due by Feb 1st.


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