Young Eagles – Celebrate Aviation

The Fly-In may have been cancelled due to COVID concerns, but that did not deter a big celebration of aviation at the Pecan Plantation Airport.  And I ran into a lot of folks who showed up thinking that the Fly-In was still on.  Fortunately, they still got to see and participate in quite a lot of fun and festivities.

We did not advertise that the Chapter planned to go forward with YE flights sans the Fly-In.  Our new YE coordinator, John Bowen (with the support of Chapter Officers and Board) decided to go ahead with Young Eagles in large part due to about 2 dozen kids and parents who had already signed up on line.

Here’s John’s report:

We had a very successful Young Eagles event on Saturday. We flew 23 kids and 5 adults (Dick’s Ryan) with 4 pilot volunteers (Dick, Sid, Charlie & Jordan) and help with registration (Tom T, Karen, Charlie, & Kris) Charlie’s grandson added to the experience by mentoring the kids at the flight sim he set up.

We had kids as far away as Dallas and Keller attend. They all had a very memorable experience and I think a number of them are very interested in getting more involved in aviation. I know the 4 foreign exchange students had something to write home about…
Thanks again…till next time…keep the shiny side up…

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