Monthly Meeting Minutes – June 2021

Pancake Breakfast – A special thanks to Sue Cole for stepping up to gather and lead all the volunteers.  Tom, Deanna, and several breakfast service regulars were out of town.  Sue and team made sure we hosted another great breakfast.  I failed to get a final count, but sales were about 65 breakfasts and still going strong last I looked.


Dick Keyt called the meeting to order.  Jared Latimer managed the audio/video and again streamed the meeting to Facebook (we are no longer using Zoom).  We counted at least 157 members and guests!  At least 5 airplanes flew in for the event as well.

Meeting Video
Please visit our Facebook page at to see the full meeting and presentation by “Hoot” Gibson.  Scroll to 11:22 for Safety minute;  11:53 for Glider Project;  16:00 for Lancair 320 project donation;  34:10 for astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson.  It is well worth a watch!

Here are a few bullet items from the meeting:

  • Glider Club continues to make good progress with paint being applied by the youth under the supervision of Doug Greene.  When the glider is completed, perhaps a few of these young aircraft builders will want to help out on the next project…
  • Lancair 320 Project Donation – Dick Keyt and Howard Sigler picked up the airplane, along with an “extra” Lyc 360 engine and prop, new-in-box, from donor Don Carruth in Fredericksburg last week.  WE NEED A PROJECT LEADER to see the project through to completion.
  • Mike Hustak introduced Josh who soloed the C-150 earlier this week.  He started training about 2 weeks ago.
  • Property Maintenance – Doug Crumrine (our Property Maintenance Lead) is seeking volunteers who can be on call when needed to help with minor plumbing, electrical, appliance, and other items that invariably come up on the hangar and house.  Please let Doug know if you can help.

Presentation by Astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson

Go watch the video starting at the 34:10 mark:

If you have any interest at all in airplanes, space flight, the Space Shuttle, Reno Air Races, …  GO WATCH the video!  I was especially impressed with Hoot’s frank answers to several questions following his presentation.  Here’s an interesting link about STS-27 which was the 2nd mission after the loss of Challenger.  The payload was top secret.  Rather ominously, the Shuttle heat shield was badly damaged on takeoff, and the crew thought they might not survive reentry.  Heat shield damage later doomed Columbia in 2003.

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