Needed: Angel Flights Airplane and Grove Gear Shims

Since we don’t have a Classified Ads feature on our website, we are using this blog to announce a couple of WANTED items for our members, Doug Crumrine and Jacob Ingersoll.

WANTED – Grove Landing Gear Shims

Contact Doug Crumrine by Email or phone 817.559.4665 if you have any 500 x 5 axle shims he can beg, borrow, buy, or steal for the new landing gear installed on his RV-8.

WANTED – Flying Opportunities

Contact Jacob Ingersoll by Email or phone 678.910.1258 if you can help him out:

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

I’d hoped to get to know more of you by now and miss our EAA chapter meetings. I’m praying we can all meet again in June! My family and I moved to Pecan in September and got involved with the chapter right away. Due to my work schedule with American Airlines and the Navy Reserve though, I’ve only been at a couple of meetings so far. My wife Brandi, and kids Andrew (11), Marian (9), and Kayla (8) have actually been at more meetings than I at this point.

We moved to the neighborhood with plans to begin building an RV-14 in 2021 and build in the Landings some time a little later. We still plan to do all of that; though being a somewhat junior airline pilot some of those timelines could slide a little if things don’t begin to improve with the economy over the summer. My son loves everything aviation and I’m quite thankful for the neighbors and members of the chapter who have already given us some rides and let us help them build to spur his passion on.

I hate to ask this question and hoped it might come up naturally in conversation by now while visiting at a Pancake breakfast, but I’m looking for someone who may be interested in their plane being flown a little more. I’m primarily interested in finding someone with a 4-6 seat aircraft who would allow me to use it to fly Angel Flights. I’ve long wanted to volunteer for that organization and my son could fly as “copilot” on those flights. That being said we are always interested in any opportunity to get airborne or learn something new about airplanes. I of course would pay for any fuel and maintenance reserve expenses incurred and would be happy to wash the plane. My CFII is current, and I’d also be happy to fly with you for a biennial review or other training you wish to attain at no cost in exchange.

Please give me a call if you might be interested. It always disappoints me to visit airports and marinas and see good tools and toys being underutilized. I have over 4000 total hours, most in military aircraft as PIC and Instructor, but also several hundred in a mix of C-152/172/RG, PA-28/32/44 series, and a Bonanza checkout. I also carry a non-owned aircraft liability policy with Avemco for 500k and 20k for aircraft damage.

Thank you and fly safe,
Jacob Ingersoll

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  1. sjacobingersoll

    I’ve just come to an agreement with a Navy buddy to take over maintaining and using his Cessna 170 for the next year or so and will be bringing it down here if I can find a place for it. He currently has it on a tie down in Idaho, and that is all I need to secure for it, but obviously a hangar would be better if anyone has any extra space they would like to make available for a fair price. Looking forward to flying some Young Eagles in it this year!

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