Pancake Breakfast and Meeting

What a turnout!  We had at least 117 members and visitors show up for our monthly breakfast, Young Eagles rally, and meeting.  And we signed up 4 brand new members and 2 returning members.  Things were pretty hectic, and my notes sketchy.  So let me know if I missed an important item or got something wrong.

Karen reported we flew 8 Young Eagles and 2 Eagle Flights.  She also indicated we have three Academy Scholarship applications in hand, and they are all terrific.  We’re going to have to make some tough choices as we narrow these deserving candidates down to one.  Karen has requested a second slot at the Academy and we are on a waiting list.  Our hope is to send two young folks off to Oshkosh this year.

We lost track of the number of breakfasts served.  It was at least 50, probably more like 70.  Thanks again to Tom and Deanna and the folks who came early to set things up and stayed late to clean up.  The breakfast social hour is rapidly becoming a favorite of many.  There are several who show up just to have coffee and visit.  So even if you don’t care for pancakes and sausage, there’s plenty of reason to be there early.

As I am transcribing these notes, I see we are already late to Hal and Rita Gossett’s Winter Hangar Party.  Hal and Rita have thrown several of these, and they’re always a lot of fun.  By the time you read this, I hope to have seen many of you there.

I missed most of the visitor introductions.  But Dick Keyt mentioned Marcus who is once again visiting from Switzerland.  Marcus always jumps in and helps us out when he is here.  He has been to our 2018 and 2019 Fly-Ins.  This time, he is on a mission to learn about fabrication and assembly techniques for his RV-8 build.  We sometimes forget how relatively easy it is to buy parts and find support for our builds here in the USA.

I hope everyone noticed the oven and microwave cabinet on wheels.  John McComas donated several appliances awhile back, and he hated to seem them languishing on the floor.  So, he organized and funded a project to get the double-oven and microwave installed in a cabinet we can roll out and use whenever needed.  Don McDonald has volunteered to install power outlets and plugs to complete the project.

Unfortunately, I did not take good notes on either projects or safety discussions.  Please leave your comments on this blog post to fill in the blanks!

Membership Renewals – If you were at the meeting, you got to see just how mean-spirited our Chapter Secretary (name withheld by request) can be when dealing with members who are delinquent on their renewals.  As Jason H can attest, you don’t want to be that guy!  In all seriousness, thank you all for getting your renewals take care of in a timely manner.  It makes things a lot easier for your chapter officers.  If you have not yet done so, please LOGIN HERE and click the Renew Subscription link to use PayPal.  Or mail us a check.  Or better yet, come to the next meeting and re-up in person!  As of this morning, we have 121 paid up voting members (we finished 2019 with 154).  There are 21 on our 2018 roster and 40 on our 2019 roster who have not yet renewed.

Using ForeFlight presentation – Thank you Julie Carson and Angela Castillo for your time and effort to tell us about the latest from ForeFlight.  Founded in 2007, ForeFlight became the #1 aviation app by 2010.  It has 3 main functional areas for pilots:  Planning, En Route, and Post flight.  I’ve used the app myself since 2013 and find it to be a great value – as good as any and better than most of the alternatives.  But I was not aware of several newer features and functions including 3D review, track log views, and alternate advisor.  There are of course some limitations based on iOS version and subscription level.  I plan to dig into ForeFlight over the next few days to see what else it has to offer to help me with my flights.

Next month we will get to hear from the F-35 Navy Demonstration Team Leader.  Watch for updates to our Events Calendar on the website, and don’t miss it!

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