Wing Structure Soon to Complete

from Mark Zimmermann on 5 Nov

… Fuselage guys are wrapping skin around bulkhead frames and will soon have rivet stems all over their side of the shop. Safety first!  We don’t need anyone tripping or falling over the debris landing on the floor. Clean as you go is the mantra preached in the modern aircraft factory and we certainly fit that description.

Wing structure will complete this week with nose ribs and stub spars mounted. Right now we need to look ahead into the next sections that explain stall warning switch construction and installation, wiring, wing root electrical block installation, and skin installation. Yeah I know, more edge and hole deburring but it’s downhill at this point. Whenever our wing crew desires, we can employ a crew tending the wing skin operation as it is approaching fast…

These pictures portray how magical it is to see this project takes shape…

Build Photos by MarkZ


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