Wings and Things

from Mark Zimmermann 15 Oct

“Well it’s time to start a new week. It is amazing to see what these students are accomplishing, over the two day period, running two classes on their personally owned projects. The skills are developing; deburring, countersinking, drilling, work holding, and riveting.

Stabilator work should wrap up this week, or early next week, for sure as the skinning has now started. Once this project completes I think it wise to build up the aft bulkhead as the two assemblies interface under tight tolerance. I envision this crew leading the fuselage buildup as we should take delivery of this kit soon.

Two tables started new projects at the close of last week, seeing storage of the flaperons; main wing spars at one table and stub/aft spars on the other. I’d like to start another temporary wing group by pulling one student from each table to start on the Wing Ribs build sheet (Section 15). We would need mentors to run this show. My goal is to have the original flaperons groups coming back together for wing construction as the main and auxiliary spars complete…

…more pictures. You’ll find the painted airplane in the Class of 2017 file and some new pictures of the students and the new project in the Class of 2018 folder.”

Class of 2017

Class of 2018