Immediate Action Needed to Oppose ATC Privatization

Call your Congressman Today to oppose H.R. 2997, 21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act.

If you live in Pecan Plantation, you are most likely in the 11th District and your representative is K. Michael (Mike) Conaway.  A couple of his office phone numbers are Granbury (682.936.2577) or Washington (202.225.3605).  If you’re not sure about whether Mr. Conaway is your representative, you can easily find our using

It’s easy.  They will want to know the bill you oppose and your mailing address.  That’s it.

The House is set to vote on this bill next week, so it’s too late to mail them, and probably too late for email.  In any case, a phone call likely carries more weight.  According to the EAA,

“The House 21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act (H.R. 2997) is moving rapidly and may get a vote on the House floor within days. As proposed in the bill, the privatized ATC system would be governed by a board dominated by commercial and financial interests. With no congressional oversight, the board would be accountable to no one, devastating general aviation and your freedom of flight, rural and GA airports, and the fly-ins and aviation activities you enjoy.”

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  1. Kliff

    I called Mike Conaway’s Washington office this morning to express opposition to this bill. Already received an email response which does not indicate Mr. Conaway’s position on the bill. In my experience, when a representative does not provide his position on a subject, then it is opposite the view I expressed. Mr. Conaway is hosing a Facebook Town Hall on Wed, 19 June at 3:00pm CT. I plan to join if at all possible.

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